Saturday, 21 April 2012

Does smoking increase your chances of getting Dupuytren’s and related hyperproliferative disorders?

So continuing on with my recent theme I am going to post about the reported link between smoking and Dupuytren’s disease. Note that many of the papers shown here are also used in the alcohol post and that the same link to age applies.

In this paper they do see that there is a link between smoking and Dupuytren’s disease and say that it does cause an increased risk to the disease.

I will not go into detail but here they see that there is an increased risk of Dupuytren's in response to both alcohol and tobacco but that these increases occur independent of each other meaning that doing both further increase your risk of getting these diseases. 

This is a paper where they are looking specifically at a role of smoking in Dupuytren’s patients. Here they see that a higher than normal percentage of Dupuytren’s patients smoke and this adds further evidence to the case. This paper suggests that the increased risk to smokers is approximately twice that of a non-smoker.

To be honest I believe that there is a link between these disease and smoking but I would like to know how and why this happens. This is a question that is hard to answer when we do not know what causes these diseases. I guess that smoking causes lots of problems with the body and maybe it makes the body more susceptible to the trauma that causes the disease or to the genetic factors. Either way I am just guessing but it does add another reason to the long list of why not to smoke.

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