Sunday, 18 March 2012

My weekend and my 100th post

A progress report on my weekend.

Right so I thought I would give an update of how my weekend went and things like that. So I have pretty much been home alone all weekend and I have made the most of it and been able to stay off of my feet for the most part but sometimes you just have to be on your feet and I don't just been going to get food or going to the loo.

As I have said before I love to do things round the house so that my very hard working wife can come back to a lovely and clean flat but this is something that I have had to take a back foot from over the last couple of weeks as I have really had to try and spend time off of my feet so that I can cope during the week. This weekend though I at least wanted to do a few bits and bobs round the house and just see how I go.

First of all I was doing the washing up and for the first 5 minutes my foot was coping and then it started to ache a bit so I had a break before finishing the rest but overall it was ok. I then set about the task of tidying up a bit and although the pain wasn't really bad like it had been during the week but I was starting to get twinges in my arch. I finished up and had some lunch (marmite on toast for those interested).

I have also received another reply from another radiotherapy patient so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that, it is pretty much ready to go and will be posted sometime tomorrow.

Anyway after that I tried hoovering and I know what you are all thinking..... nooo don't do it, but I did and actually it was ok. It was OK because for once I was trying to do a thorough job and so was basically standing in the same spot for 10 seconds and then moving but whilst standing in the same spot I automatically lifted my left foot and just stood on my right foot. So I was hardly on my left foot whilst doing the hoovering and this means we can probably forget about the suggestion I received on Friday which was to get a ride on hoover.

Hope you all had a good weekend, foot wise mine was pretty good and awesome considering how bad the foot was on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So basically it was a good weekend as the pain was not too bad but this was because I was off of my feet and once on my feet the pain returned. Also this is my 100th post so wooo me.