Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ledderhose Leaflet

I made a quick leaflet as my wife went to sleep early last night and it only took 5 minutes. Please feel free to give any criticism, support or spotting typos. I made this so that anyone who wants to give people a quick explanation of why they are raising money or if I do decide to have a cake sale or something at some point then I can give out a leaflet with each cake and there you go. If anyone wants the original file then message me and I can e-mail it to you. 

Should also say that some day when you wake up the pain is already at a level where the thought of spending all day on your feet brings you to tears. To be honest today is almost one of those days. 


Today has been a very painful day so far, thanks to Purple Butterfly for the comments. I have had the chance to spend 5 minutes to make some changes, well some alternatives. As I said if you are interested or want to add something or whatever just message me and I will see what I can do.