Friday, 3 February 2012

Something to think about, pain pens and hot feet

I am not sure exactly what to say today, my foot has not been great but it has not been at its worst but I am going to try several new things to see if they can at least help alleviate the pain. The Old Bag as she likes to be known has been very helpful and thoughtful and was recently talking to one of her friends about their things which I will not go into here but they had a few recommendations that help with their pain that it might be worth me trying.

So one thing that was recommended was a pain pen, can't say that I really knew what they were but for an example here is a link to the one that I am going to be presented with by the Old Bag who has kindly offered to provide for me: Pain Pen

They are supposed to provide pain relief using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) which works to stimulate the release of the body's natural pain killers. The reviews from Amazon are fairly positive and I can see no harm in giving it a try. From what I have read you do not need to apply too much pressure to the afflicted area and it seems to work for some and it might provide some relief for me and until there is a cure or something I see no harm in  trying my options out and this seems like it is worth a try.

Another thing that I was think in some small part inspired by the Foot Spa that I was kindly given for Christmas is that perhaps some sort of heated footwear for when I am resting or sleeping etc might be helpful in reducing the pain as when I using the foot spa things do feel better. I have to say that if you are a man with Ledderhose and want the same thing as I have mentioned above it is a real pain as this kind of product seems very much geared towards women and there are lots of pink furry microwavable boots out there in sizes 4-7 (UK) but trying to find something for men was a bit of a struggle and a mission but I managed to find these Heated Slippers for £10.

I of course will keep everyone updated as to whether the pain pen takes some of the pain away and whether this slippers rather than just keeping my feet warm which actually is an issue also help with pain. I do find that one of the triggers for increased pain is the cold. So with the weather outside at the moment dropping to something like minus 5 (Celsius) I am very grateful to have my insoles so that I can wear normal shoes as otherwise my feet would be getting freezing and my foot would be really hurting a lot.

I am also hoping that with the use of pain pens, insoles, heat, sitting and lots of people looking after me I am going to be relatively pain free on the day of the wedding and to be honest I think that I am going to be enjoying myself so much that I am not really going to notice and it is probably going to take a word from the people that keep an eye on my foot to remind me to sit down otherwise I will be suffering with it on the Tuesday but then I do have several days to stay off my foot before the honeymoon where there are some trips that will require some walking and I just hope I am up to the task without moaning as I would hate to moan to my new wife whilst we are on honeymoon and it would be a real downer. Then again I will have this pain pen and I will have much nicer and warmer weather so hopefully things will be great and everything will be perfect much like she deserves.