Monday, 23 January 2012

Stupid boy today

Today was good on my foot. To start with I forgot to take the insoles off until the and my feet were ok and even come leaving from work they were ok. This gives me hope as I lasted eight until six which is ten hours without being in too much pain. This is important as I probably stood and walked more than will be required on the wedding day which might mean that come three weeks today I'll be ok.

The bad news is that I then put the insoles back on to get home and my feet started hurting and I don't think this was helped by me forgetting my keys so I had to mope round for over an hour before I had a key to get in but that gave me the time to write this. Annoying because I was going to get home and do some fresh veg for dinner but I guess frozen veg again. Lucky that yesterday I managed to be mobile enough to do most the housework so no need to worry about having to do that. On other exiting news my soon to be Mrs has made the fruit cake layer of the wedding cake. 

No progress on research today but I'm just trying to raise awareness of this disease by increasing traffic to the blog and spreading the word.

Edited: 02/06/2012