Monday, 16 January 2012

I'm back

Right I am back after the Christmas break and have been suffering with some nasty virus that has kept me out of action for a while but I want to get back to posting.

First of all I have been and had my MRI, they are looking not just at my bad left foot but also at my dodgy right ankle. The process was as anyone who has had one knows painless and not too bad. I went into a room with a giant noisy machine and they basically wedged my feet so they wouldn't move and then slid me in. Each foot took about 20 minutes and the machine was one loud beast but overall if it hadn't been for my cough I think it would have been very smooth. I have a date later this month to discuss my results with the specialist and see what happens.

I have also been and had my orthotics fitted. See pictures below:

The black ones are the orthotics and the red ones are the old standard insoles. They have Achilles support at the back, arch support that doesn't put pressure on the lump in the middle and a toes bar at the end. They are supposed to stop both pain through the lump, me tilting my foot to the sit which meant that all weight was going through my little toes and also help with my poor old Achilles.

I think due to the Christmas break and being ill I have not been in much pain at all anyway and have just been suffering the odd spike as I have been stuck in bed almost all day every day for 3 weeks. I think that is almost over now, I am at least out of bed for a few hours before I need to crash and my head is certainly much much clearer.

I have also had some people finally join the forum I made, whether this will come to anything I do not know but one person has even made a post about their experience with plantar fibromas.

Looking forwards it is only 4 weeks until my wedding day so I have that long to a break and with these orthotics in to make sure my shoes are nice and comfy on the day.

Stay tuned for my progress with the orthotics that I have to wear in for 30-60 minutes at a time and bring that to a whole day over the course of 3 weeks and for my MRI results to see whether what I have is a plantar fibroma or just something with very similar symptoms.