Monday, 5 December 2011

Specialist Appointment today!!!

Plantar Fibromatosis / Plantar Fibroma / Ledderhose Disease foot appointment today!!!!! 

Today is the day of the foot appointment as everyone is calling it, I get to see a specialist about my foot for the first time in a year. I am not really sure what I am hoping they are going to say other than that there is some way for them to help. Fingers crossed that something positive comes from it.

Taken the rest of day off of work in case their poking and prodding provokes the thing to play up, can never work out why they can't just be gentle with it? Why when you say you have something painful do they feel the need to test whether it is actually painful and how painful it is?

I will keep you all updated with a post later before I go for bangers and mash at my parents.... Partner is very jealous of the mash :-)

Image from HERE (I'll try to post an actual picture of dinner later)