Monday, 8 February 2016

Interesting new Facebook Group

The Ledderhose Disease Blog and the BDS are pleased to announce that a great new support group has formed in the US, headed up by Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal.  It’s called the Dupuytrens Disease Support Group.  We are delighted to form a collaboration with them in their new venture.

The group was formed to offer support to all sufferers of the disease and to offer discussions covering all treatment options.  Leslie and Brenda have been working very hard to advocate on behalf of our
global community.  One of their latest initiatives is inviting doctors who are tops in their fields to host what they call Coffee Talks.  They are fortunate to have 7 forum expert physicians join them, including Drs Eaton and Pess of the Dupuytren Foundation, Dr. Richard Schaffer a UK Radiation Oncologist, and three other US based Radiation Oncologists, Drs. Gopal Bajaj, Dr. Lawrence Hochman and Dr. Guy Jones.  Additionally, Dr. Keith Denkler, a plastic surgeon with dual specialty in hand surgery is a member.  

Coffee talks have been scheduled with many of these doctors.  They are typically one hour long and allow members to ask questions in a live forum Q&A.  Mark your calendar for Dr. Richard Shaffer’s Coffee Talk which is scheduled for February 25 at 5PM UK time.  

Dates and times for additional Coffee Talks will be announced.  To participate you must be a member of the Dupuytrens Disease Support Group.  We are delighted to form a collaboration with this energetic new group!